The Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud intends to pay tribute to an exceptional heritage by offering exceptional timepieces worthy of Ferdinand Berthoud's horological genius.

A name, a brand, a history

A name, a brand, a history

"Master horologist and chronometer-maker Ferdinand Berthoud made history with his fabulous creations. Witness his maritime chronometers that guided the King of France's ships towards new horizons in the 18th century. Today, we wish to pay tribute to the exceptional craftsman and his incredible destiny. We also seek to exalt the art of watchmaking in its most essential and fascinating aspects.

Our timepieces are in keeping with the work of this brilliant watchmaker. They are fired by the same spirit of innovation and precision, reinterpreted in a contemporary spirit. Ferdinand Berthoud chronometers are a perpetual invitation to explore.

In all humility, I am deeply honoured to invite you to this exciting adventure.”

Karl-Friedrich Scheufele

A name

Hailing from Val-de-Travers, Switzerland, Ferdinand Berthoud was an exceptional watchmaker. An accomplished researcher, he perfectly embodies the spirit of the Age of Enlightenment.

A refined man with an assertive character, a skilful negotiator and a talented writer, Ferdinand Berthoud knew how to find his place within the society of his time in order to reach key positions.

Ferdinand Berthoud was a scientist and engineer with a gift for mechanics backed by extensive knowledge, who deliberately opted to focus on observation and experimental research. Never short of innovations and always concerned with perfection, he tirelessly invented technical solutions useful for exploring and conquering new lands. His Maritime Chronometers represent the culmination of this quest.

Ferdinand Berthoud was the only horologist of his time to publish the full results of his research, amounting to more than 4,000 pages and 120 engraved plates. An absolute reference.

Discover his history

Among the immense and marvellous productions of mechanics, the art of time measurement by clocks holds pride of place, both for its usefulness and for the varied scope of its inventions.



Passionate about the history of art and watchmaking, Karl-Friedrich Scheufele is président of Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud.

"Over the years, I have patiently and passionately brought together some of the masterpieces of this watchmaking genius," says Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, before adding: "I intend to revive this invaluable heritage from which we draw our inspiration. In addition, we have a duty to maintain the heritage of historical pieces and to nurture the spirit of innovation that Ferdinand Berthoud bequeathed to us.”

Located in Fleurier, in the Val-de-Travers, as close as possible to the origins of the Clockmaker and Mechanic by appointment to King Louis XV, Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud Chronometry exclusively offers – in very limited numbers - timepieces that "differ" from their famous ancestors in terms of their modernity, and from their contemporaries by their extreme technicality. One particularly vivid example of the latter is the reversed upside-down tourbillon with direct-drive featuring constant-force regulation via a fusee-and-chain transmission device.

In short, Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud offers incomparable timepieces that strive to respect the great name they bear and the spirit of excellence that they continue to inspire.

A Story

Since the invention of the mechanical clock in the 13th century, horologists constantly sought to improve the precision and accuracy of their timepieces, thanks to the inventions with which they enriched science as well as the new techniques they used.

Today, Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud has a dedicated team, a specific development process and authentic savoir faire in many areas of expertise. Produced by its own workshops in Fleurier, in the heart of the Val-de-Travers, the timepieces assemble the quintessence of the art of watchmaking and proclaim the research-driven spirit of the 18th century Clockmaker and Mechanic.

Honouring the Maison’s spirit of excellence, the precision of Ferdinand Berthoud movements is recognised and certified by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC), just as Ferdinand Berthoud's longitude watches were tested by the highest scientific authorities of his time.