Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud and Art en Vieille-Ville

  • 1-ferdinand-berthoud-partner-of-art-en-vieille-ville
    Art en Vieille-Ville
  • 3-art-en-vieille-ville-vernissage
    Art en Vieille-Ville vernissage
  • 4-art-en-vieille-ville-vernissage
    Art en Vieille-Ville vernissage
  • 5-art-en-vieille-ville-vernissage
    Art en Vieille-Ville vernissage
  • 6-karl-friedrich-scheufele-president-de-chronometrie-ferdinand-berthoud
    Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, président de Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud
  • 7-madame-marie-laure-rondeau-presidente-de-lassociation-art-en-vieille-ville
    Madame Marie-Laure Rondeau, présidente de l’association Art en Vieille-Ville
  • 8-master-watchmaker-at-work
    Master watchmaker at work
  • 9-ferdinand-berthoud-fb-1-1
    Ferdinand Berthoud FB 1.1

Art en Vieille-Ville brings together 13 prestigious art and antiquities galleries as well as 3 renowned cultural institutions: the Barbier-Mueller Museum, the Art and History Museum, and the Baur Foundation of Geneva.

Created in 2007, AVV association aims to establish the charming Old Town of Geneva as an important destination for art, by building on the diversity and expertise of its members, as well as promoting a selection of high quality works.